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The Right Malware Protection Software Matters – Here’s Why – GrohTech

The Right Malware Protection Software Matters – Here’s Why

Watch out. The bad guys are plotting to gain access to your computer, steal your personal information and sell it on the dark web. They typically use malware to sneak in and do damage.  So, a good defense against these attacks is absolutely critical. That’s where malware protection software comes in.

What Is Malware?

Malware is a term that applies to several categories of software. These software programs creep into your computer to send information back to the bad guys using them. The types of malware attacks vary from computer viruses to invasive worms. Fortunately, the good guys build malware protection software for your defense. 

5 Things to Look for in Malware Protection Software

1.     Automated Scans

The best malware protection software conducts regular and owner-initiated scans, which tell about the dangers and what the program did to dispose of it. The program takes charge of:

  • How often your computer will be checked, 
  • How in-depth these routine scans are, and 
  • What the software does with the threats. 

The best programs also scan your emails and anything you download, which are the most common ways to get malware infections. Proactive scanning helps you stop infections before they start.

2.    Privacy Policy

Next, examine the privacy policy. Malware protection software analyzes every file on your computer. While you may have nothing to hide, it’s good to know the software isn’t sharing your information, such as your banking information and kids’ photos.

3.    Speed

Speed is another critical consideration. As the saying goes, if the cure is worse than the disease, no one will take it. If your selected malware protection software slows down your computer, you will be less inclined to let it do its job. You may even disable the software in frustration. Therefore, look for software that is designed for your situation and runs in the background smoothly.

4.    Price

The price varies, from free open source options to expensive international network options. For your personal use, you’ll need one that fits in your budget while still doing a stellar job. Many popular products have gone to a subscription model, so make sure to factor that ongoing cost into your decision. 

5.    Control

While you may want to set up your malware protection software and forget it, sometimes that’s not an option. Being able to start scans when you feel something is wrong with the computer, for example, is invaluable. You should also be able to schedule deep scans, adjust scan frequency, and decide when the protection software updates. Otherwise, your computer may slow down considerably during the time you usually use it. 

Would You Like Help?

If you want technical help to match the right malware protection software to your situation, contact a computer repair technician. Be sure to check their credentials and certifications. For example, GrohTech, in Fox River Grove, IL, has technicians experienced in working with all computer systems, including Mac, Microsoft, and Linux and can help you choose and setup of malware protection software. They can even help without being in the room, so you stay safe during COVID-19.