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Keep Your Computer Safe by Removing Your Email from Spam Lists – GrohTech

Keep Your Computer Safe by Removing Your Email from Spam Lists

Email spammers have become relentless as people stay home during the pandemic. Spammers send multiple emails with hyperlinks, hoping you will click on one of the links to make them money. However, clicking these links can result in becoming a victim of fraud or more spam. 

Fortunately, you have options for removing your email from spam lists.

Option 1: Unsubscribe

By law in the U.S. and many other parts of the world, email marketers are required to include an unsubscribe option in their emails, usually in the footer. Clicking this link should remove you from the spam list, either immediately or after you hit a confirmation button.

Caution: This works for reputable companies. Slimy companies, however, may use their unsubscribe button to confirm you are reading their email and spam you more. Additionally, clicking the link could send you to a malicious website that puts malware on your computer. 

Option 2: Report as Spam

Most email services recognize that people do not want spam. These companies have features for reporting spam. But results vary by service provider. Typically, your service provider blocks the sender, so you never see them again. 

Caution: This differs from removing your email from spam lists. Your email is still out there, and the spammer could simply move to another service provider to get back in your inbox.

Option 3: Blacklist the Sender

Blacklisting controls who can send you emails. Once an email is blacklisted, that particular sender cannot reach you anymore. This method is a particularly useful for stopping emails, but it doesn’t remove your email from spam lists. 

Caution: The spammer still has your email, at which point they may sell it, add it to a different email list, or even turn to ransomware. 

Option 4: Blanket Opt-Out

Place your email address on a blanket opt-out site that blocks senders. Typically, these sites collect your name and some personal identifying information. Then they place it on a list that emailers can check and are required to comply with your wish to not receive their emails. 

Caution: These opt-outs vary in effectiveness, so you may still end up on some lists. 

Getting Spam-Prevention Help

Computer repair services often have experts that can advise and help you take action. GrohTech, in Fox River Grove, IL, is one such repair service with free consultation locally.