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5 Steps Before Calling a Computer Repair Shop – GrohTech

5 Steps Before Calling a Computer Repair Shop

Few things are more frustrating than a balky computer, especially during COVID-19 isolation. Your computer has been slowing down or randomly closing programs, computer repair would seem likely. But, before you call a computer repair shop, here are some steps you can take.

1.    Reboot

Sometimes, computers just need a reset like humans do. If possible, you should not perform this reboot using the power button. Using the power button, sometimes referred to as a forced shutdown, does not allow your computer to close programs or save data. If your computer is unresponsive though, this is the only choice.

When you reboot a computer, the machine must start over again on opening programs. This fresh start is sometimes enough to solve the problem, so you don’t have to call a computer repair shop like GrohTech.

2.    Software Updates

One of the most frequent causes of computer troubles is not doing updates. Most computers have automatic options for their OS, driver, and software updates. However, many people delay restarting their computers for one reason or another. Computers can slow drastically until this restart happens. 

Additionally, not installing updates leaves your computer vulnerable to hackers and glitches alike. Consider checking for manual updates and then setting up automatic update options.

3.    Virus Scan

Sometimes, there are nasty bugs hidden in programs or even email. These slow down computers and may also send your personal information to a faceless scammer. Fortunately, you have options. Your computer came with virus and malware software, or it was installed when you set the machine up. These programs are designed to catch the nasty bugs and remove them once you run them.

Some malicious programs can hide from your virus software and require special care. Your local computer repair shop can help with more in-depth scans and more complex removals.

4.    Clean the Registry

Your computer’s registry allows your computer to find data, like your holiday photos or that work presentation. Unfortunately, sometimes the registry points to the wrong data for one reason or another. This mix-up slows your computer down significantly and may even crash applications since they don’t have the data they need to run. 

Most computers have a built-in registry cleaning function. You can check the specifics for your computer model on how to access the cleaning feature. All the cleaning feature does is check that what’s in the registry points to data.

5.    Backup Files

As the last step before calling a computer repair shop, backup all your data. There are many options to store your data online, and most provide detailed setup instructions. You can also backup your data to an external hard drive. Either way, you want to ensure your data is not lost if your computer requires drastic repairs.

If you’re comfortable with computers, at this point you can try to use a restore point or even reinstall the operating system. If not, leave it to your local computer repair shop.

Call the Computer Repair Shop

If none of these steps fix your computer’s problem, it’s time to call the professional. Your local computer repair shop can solve complex problems, and they can do it without breaking your COVID-19 isolation. 

GrohTech is proud to support our Fox River Grove neighbors. We offer computer, mobile, and tablet repair services using remote repair software.